Habits stopping to be productive and booster in 2021

Habits stopping to be productive and booster in 2021Habits stopping to being productive and booster in 2021

Which are 6 habits stopping you to be productive and booster in 2021? dh Shishir

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Do you know there are some habits stopping to be productive and booster but we may not concern. Almost every time we work for a long time and blame others for giving us too many tasks to do. But do you know your pressures and tension are not a result of the lack of time or volume of tasks but how do you perform your management skills all?

To achieve our sustainability in this busy world, we must have the knowledge of managing all the stuff in our lives. To boost our productivity We need to STOP & STRAT doing 6 daily habits which described blew.


1. STOP Reading the newspaper or checking your inbox first in the morning.
2. STOP Taking more than 4 tasks on your to-do list.
3. STOP Saying yes to everything.
4. STOP Keeping things under a pressure.
5. STOP Comparing yourself to others
6. STOP Waiting for the perfect time.


Reading newspaper or checking inbox first thing in the morning.

When you start your day reading the newspaper it sometimes forwards you to be frustrated. Because our newspapers carry most of the time bad news. Consuming bad news may lead our mood to be sad. On the other hand in the morning looking at your populating inbox becomes the lens through which you view the rest of your day. Every new alert seems important and makes us worry about them.

Start Doing 1:

Reviewing your to-do lists should be your priority in the morning. These are the tasks you have planned to complete. Quickly reviewing your calendar and lists before your email increases your probability of accomplishing the “priorities” tasks. It should be our habits of mind for the upcoming days.


Taking more than 4 tasks on your to-do list.

Most of us take unlimited tasks on our to-do list and plan to finish lots of key tasks somehow. It’s sometimes to be undone. When we give ourselves unrealistic daily goals, we set ourselves up closer to failure and hindrance. It sometimes reduce our efficiency and innovation power.

Start Doing 2:

I have thought we can usually only complete four important tasks each day. These four tasks are not like what we usually do. They are the selected tasks that will take important projects in advance. If you manage extra time, that’s blessed. But anything beyond four is alarmingly ambitious.


Saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Most people hesitate to say no. Nobody likes to betray others, but knowing when and how to say no is one of the most significant skills you can practice. By following the best ways saying “no” can help you develop better relationships. Also these good habits free you up to do the things that are important and generic to you.

Start Doing 3:

When someone requests you, find out the due date and what the request entails. If you are unable to do it, either should sorrowfully say sorry and share your importance, show the priorities for declining or discuss polity in terms of how much you can do for him.


Keeping things under a pressure.

Considering works as pressure is probably one of the most deadly things someone can do to their happiness. Most people do not get inspiration in working because they worked for money. There is no purpose behind them. They find no way to add value to their works. The most recognized problem is they are unable to figure out enjoyment in performing everyday tasks. And this maybe consider as one of our bad habits.

Start Doing 4:

We should feel blessed that we have so many ways to find enjoyment in our works. For that, we just need to make some changes in valuing our regular activities. The following given are some of them:

• Think about the purpose

It’s important to determine and be aware of our true purpose. A valuable purpose of doing something can bring happiness to our life.

• Don’t take your works just as an Earning-

People spend a majority of the hours in their usual working, so apply yourself in having enjoyment those hours, Search a way to design your work and your efforts with your most joyful and fulfilling cause. These bring sustainability and productivity.

• Do what you are passionate about-

The most important thing to make it fun is to figure out what you enjoy doing. By born we get unique talents and strengths which we can use in our workplace. Sometimes we feel no interest in working when we do not find opportunities to utilize our best strengths. There are infinite ways in which we can add value. Like in your workplaces you can ask to do some extra work that related to your talents. Add value in those areas will build your skills also help your surroundings recognize your abilities. And always avoid the habits stopping to be productive and booster.

Appreciate the interesting Times-

Every one of our works does not involve with fun but often we can get some scope to enjoy our works but only from the lake of paying attention we miss the opportunities. So, we should try to find ways to replace the boring task with interest and gratitude in even the smallest things.


Comparing yourself to others

In this social media world, it is almost unrealistic not to compare yourself to others, where everyone comes to intend to sowing off themselves but don’t be hopeless what’s being posted is only what they want you to see.
If you find yourself with nothing by frequently seeing them, open your eyes of inner mind or try to observe their real life. You can see most of them are completely different from what they are in virtual life.

Start Doing 5:

Whenever you feel yourself comparing to what other people have Stop yourself here. Count your blessings. Focus on your strengths. Remind on the journey you have successfully passed. Turn the comparison into inspiration. We humans naturally tend to compare ourselves to others though we don’t know the behind scene.

But we focus on their success, not on the industrious hours they’ve spent preparing and working for their success. Instead of accepting other people’s achievements get you down on yourself, let them open you up to opportunities. Let them be your inspiration. And left habits stopping to be productive and booster.


Stop Waiting for the perfect time.

You desire to make some changes in your life but you often let your scare take over and stop you from following your dream and ultimately it incites you to wait for the so-called “right time.”

The reality tells us that there has no ‘right time’ to be spirited, to bring changes, and accomplish your dreams. Consequently, If you choose to wait for them, be sure that your life will shift into and you will never meet that desired life.

Start Doing 6:

So, stop waiting and start now by knowing a courageous quote from famous American president Theodore Roosevelt “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Yes, It is significant to bear in mind that it never comes through this way. You don’t have to wait for an unknown future. You just need to utilize what you have right now, focus only on what is in your stock, and start working on your ideas now.


These are some habits stopping to be productive and booster and achieve sustainable development. So, if we want and sustainability, growth, productivity, success, and efficiency then we need to stop practice them and start perform the good habits they should be our habits of mind. I hope changing habits will bring so many new achievements in our lif

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