9 Amazing Tips to be a brilliant student

Introduction about the topic :

To be a brilliant student first you need to follow and practice some criteria. Here we are discussing 8 best practices which will make you a brilliant student.

There are lots of contrary to the statements of people some of them brilliant are born with their ability. The only difference is that some students can apply that ability well, while others are not. 

Brilliant students are not born differently, they just acclimatize to some techniques which help them realize and preserve information easily. This is why they are capable of studying for hours, learn things fast and make a good result in the exam test.

If you want to improve your learning abilities as a student, then here are ten habits that can make you a brilliant student.


Study for Learning not just for Memorize.

Maintain regularity in the study and attending class is one of the basic qualities of a brilliant student. The more you will attend in class the more your understanding will grow. And brilliant students always be careful about the goal of the study. 

Do you know why should you study? Yes, your answer is right, it is the main purpose of study, not just memorizing for a good result; those study doesn’t help you for long. You always remember that you will learn to practice all the lessons in practical life and maintain a happy life

Sit in the Front Row

Sitting in front of the row is a habit of brilliant students. Because there are some advantages to having this habit. Sometimes you may feel shy to sit in the front but continually doing this will recover you and give feeling free. It will help you to pay attention to everything in class. 

Then you will not suppose to make conversation with others so you can listen clearly to the professor. And see the board without having pressure on eyes. Sometimes, the pressure of eyes prevents us to concentrate on class. Also, concentrate in class, interact with all the events and curiously interest in class may take you close to the professor. It may create an opportunity to get extra care of the faculty.


Ask Questions

Asking the question to the teacher is another very good quality of a brilliant student. Sometimes you may feel uneasy about asking a question by thinking what will happen next? are my friends or professor consider me the dull? 

Just put them outside of your brain because as a teacher I know that the student who shows the interest to learn and ask the question is favorable to us.


Always good teachers have some extra ways to teach the student. If teachers do not allow questions at the time of lectures then you may have time to ask at the end of the season. So, note what you need to discuss at lecture time, and ask at the end or personally met with the professor. 

If you ensure to show the tricks discuss in Tips 2 then the professor will suppose to help you.
The matter is that at the end of the semester when you will get a glorious result then all the critics will come to you having the suggestion and congratulate.

Lead your valuable time perfectly

When you will know your destination and duty, you will be able to lead your time appropriately.
Make a timetable and feel that you focus on it. But it is not that much easy to maintain or perform everything according to time routine. But if you face a very difficult situation to maintain time, very consciously think about your priorities and perform like them. You have to be able to know when your brain is not capable to focus and need refreshment. No need to impose extra pressure on the brain rather take a small break and refresh yourself. This will help in concentrating on the study better.

Prefer monotasking

Ignore engaging in many things at the time of studying. Embedding between various things will break your concentration and you will not be satisfied in learning. Then you will be interrupted and disturbed in learning. 

If something important, do in according to priority, finish it before you sit down to study.

You should keep your gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and others far from you. Have only the required items such as books, notebooks, pens, etc. Too many items can easily lead you to engage with them and interrupted studies.

Reward yourself when you achieve it

Self-motivation is one of the good habits perform by a brilliant student to be forwarded. Each of the time you achieve a goal, reward and congratulate yourself with something makes you happy. 

It can be getting with your friends or being grateful to almighty by praying. But once you are done celebrating your achievement you must be able to get back to your concentration through studies.

Study beyond the syllabus


The most brilliant students are very different from others so they are brilliant. They think and perform differently like study beyond the limitation of the syllabus. Sometimes context is the main theme to understand the topic which may not be included in study direction but the brilliant study a topic from various reliable sources. A good way to gain comprehensive knowledge about anything is to read about it from various reliable sources. Do not limit yourself to the textbooks and syllabus. Look through the Internet for more relevant information and make a group for study to understand the concept perfectly.


what do you want to know, ask to us….. ???

Take care of your health

Maintaining a regular study routine can be very hard sometimes. So, it is very necessary to take proper care of your health. Take healthy food and avoid food items that make you unhealthy and create destruction on sleeping and studying. Habitual exercise can help you live fresh and concentrate on your studies better.

If you think that the article is beneficial then please use it in your life and be shine. 

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