How yo get a job at Google as a general? software engineer job at Google

As a general how yo get a job at Google?

If you have a general dream to get a software engineer job at Google, do the following (assuming you haven’t entered university yet, or are currently in a computer science program). In this post, a Google Engineer will show how yo get a job at Google. All the words were taken from his interviews.


  1. Get to know Google.

    Change your broad goal to a more precise one. Rather than “I want to work for Google,” I’d say, “I want to work on Android networking.” Because Google / Alphabet is too enormous, you’ll have to choose one, at least to begin with.


  1. Find out what abilities are required.

    However, do you want to be a part of a distributed infrastructure project? After that, there are C/C++ and distributed systems. Video conferencing on the go? Learn everything there is to know about Android, Java, and WebRTC. Start reading some of the code and getting a better understanding of Google has open-source work in the area. It’s the beginning way how yo get a job at Google even in Singapur.


  1. Choose a university where Google hires.

    When applying to universities, discover which ones Google (and, by extension, other great firms) recruits from. The quickest strategy to get an interview for interns and full-time engineers is to recruit on campus. Pursue a degree in computer science or a closely related field.


  1. Program, program, program.

    Though you are not required to read any books or take any tele-courses. You should program frequently, for fun, and in the field, you wish to work in. Make whatever you want: utilities, games, apps, and so on. But Code, Code & Code. Every hour spent should be a fun hour, followed by another hour of enjoyment. experience. Learn the standard libraries and extensions for your language in addition to the language itself. And learn the intricacies of the language that let you write better code. Hopefully, these will lead you to get a software engineer job at google


  1. Understand your algorithms.

    Likewise, I told you I didn’t have any books. At least one book should be read in parts: Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen et. al. Learn how to sort, select, hash, queue, and organize data using basic data structures and algorithms.


  1. Practice interviewing.

    Consequently, Applying to other companies that do Google-style interviews is the simplest way to do so. Also, look up ‘Google interview questions’ on Google and see if you can answer them. Make it a habit to solve difficulties while thinking aloud. Request that a buddy vocally asks you a problem from a large list you provide, and then solve it on a whiteboard or in a text editor while describing what you’re doing and why.


  1. Participate in internships.

    Do an internship with Google or another top company if at all possible. A well-executed internship almost always results in an offer from the internship host. An internship will teach you the good ways how yo get a job at Google.


  1. If you are not a resident of the United States

    If you wish to work in the United States, you have at least a master’s degree. This makes hiring someone from another country more acceptable and simplifies the visa application procedure.



Finally, we hope you are now none the way perfectly on how yo get a job at Google. When you go to Google for an interview, make sure you go to other places for interviews as well, ideally at the same time. As a result, you may have more options and receive better offers. 

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