Google Career! How can I build my Google Career? [Google Engineer Answered]

How can I build my Google Career?

Google career

A famous google Engineer answers the ways you can build your Google Career:


‘I’ll respond from the perspective of a recent CS graduate looking for a job at a top IT firm. If you have an interview coming up soon, feel free to skip to the end of the answer.


The majority of my suggestions are based on the interviews I’ve had (Specifically Microsoft, Google and Uber). The strategy outlined here helped me pass their interviews. I hope it will be beneficial to you as well. The preparation step can be divided into four sections.


Building the Foundations:

Google Career

  • The first stage is to learn how to program in a language. Python is my preferred programming language.  Because of its versatility and library support, which makes it much easier to get started with various projects. Here are a few resources to help you get started:


  • The next step is focusing on your theoretical foundations. Be very attentive in the fundamental CS courses taught in your college. In case you do not have access to your college courses. You can try these equally beneficial alternatives.


  • Focus on standard algorithmic paradigms such as Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer, and so on. And  pay special attention to data structures and standard algorithms.


Explore multiple fields:

You should now begin going into a few core topics after focusing on your fundamentals. This stage would entail taking advanced classes and working on a variety of projects.

  • Later start looking into alternative fields. A few must-take courses for a computer science graduate are listed below.




  • In the meantime, continue to work on side projects; they will provide you with experience that your coursework would not. If you’re looking for project ideas, check out my response on possible side projects.


Developing your Profile:

Because of the stage’s inherent ambiguity, many pupils are perplexed. So, Is it better to concentrate on competitive programming or side projects? The lesson is to have actual results, which I’ve mentioned in another answer. Results that demonstrate your job skills and ability. They have the potential to be,


  • An active GitHub handle with quality repositories
  • Good performance in Competitive Programming Contests
  • Diverse Projects demonstrating your prowess
  • Research Papers: Their importance in tech interviews is debatable. Though they surely demonstrate your ability to perform in long term projects.



Preparing for the Interviews:

Now that you’ve built your foundations. It’s time to challenge the most difficult part. This stage can be broken down into the following sections:

  • Kick Off:

    This is the stage in which you primarily explore and familiarise yourself with the interview procedure. Right now, your primary focus should be on data structures and algorithms. Listed below are some useful resources.



  • Practice: It’s time for Google Career

    This is where the actual planning takes place. You should pick a programming language and begin learning it. This is a fantastic time to start coding on a whiteboard. You should also begin practicing interview questions right now. Here are some resources to assist you in your profession.


  • We’re approaching the end of the process before the actual interviews. So, now is the time to put all we’ve learned together. In the last weeks, it’s critical to practice answering questions ‘loudly.’ Mock interviews can also help you perform considerably better in real-life situations.


  • This stage might last anywhere from months to weeks. The above was initially created for my Google interviews (Extensive details in another answer).


  • When you’ve accomplished all of the preceding processes, all you have to do now is relax. And enjoy the fantastic hotel you’ve reserved for your on-site interviews. Best wishes!


Finally,  Thank you! Google Career finder, please Keep eye on this site!❤️


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